You choose and we are glad to please you!

The rental option makes the customer free to choose among the several exhibition stands ready for use in our warehouses; furthermore the professionalism of our technical staff will help the customer customizing the stand according to his own needs. The advantage offered by this solution is the possibility to frequently change the stand image at competitive costs.

Our warehouse is constantly enriched with new elements, thus offering to our customers solutions and furniture suitable for any need.

In case the company vision is different, Trittico can suggest the stand sale or some other "hybrid" solution such as the purchase of a single element, like for example a counter with a unique design, and the rental of all the other outfitting elements.

Would you like to know which is the best solution to have a stand of yours? Ask our experts to advise you in finding the best solution.

Regardless of the chosen solution, our aim is a long lasting and confidence-based relation featured by our staff trustworthiness and professionalism. Not by chance many customers of ours have been cooperating with Trittico for more than ten years!